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LMC Footcare offers comprehensive Achilles Tendonitis and Metatarsalgia treatment in Ontario.

Metatarsalgia Treatment in Ontario


Achilles Tendonitis and Metatarsalgia are frequent foot and ankle diseases that may impair mobility and quality of life. If you’re in Ontario with these concerns, you need proper care. This article will discuss Achilles Tendonitis and Metatarsalgia treatments in Ontario, with an emphasis on LMC Footcare, Canada’s Trusted Footcare Provider. You may then make educated choices about treating and relieving these illnesses with a trusted healthcare professional.


Ontario Achilles Tendonitis Treatment:

Achilles tendonitis may arise from overuse, incorrect footwear, or other circumstances. LMC Footcare is a reputable footcare provider in Ontario, offering many treatment options for this issue.

Physical Therapy: Achilles Tendonitis therapy requires focused exercises and stretches conducted by a competent physical therapist like LMC Footcare. This increases tendon strength and flexibility.

Orthotics: LMC Footcare makes bespoke shoe orthotics to assist the Achilles tendon and reduce stress. Their podiatrists may evaluate your foot anatomy and propose custom orthotics.

Injections and medications: LMC Footcare’s doctors may prescribe NSAIDs to treat pain and inflammation. Corticosteroid injections may provide quick relief, but adverse effects should be considered.

Rest and Ice: Tendon healing requires rest. LMC Footcare recommends administering ice to minimize swelling and inflammation and combining exercise with rest for a full recovery.

Shockwave Therapy: Canada’s foremost footcare provider, LMC Footcare, may treat Achilles Tendonitis using shockwave therapy. This non-invasive therapy uses shockwaves to heal and reduce inflammation.


Treatment for Metatarsalgia in Ontario:

Metatarsalgia—ball-of-foot discomfort and inflammation—is commonly associated with extended standing, jogging, or high-impact sports. Metatarsalgia treatment alternatives are available in Ontario, including LMC Footcare.

LMC Footcare’s podiatrists may prescribe certain shoe kinds and cushioning to ease metatarsal discomfort, stressing the need of arch support.

Orthopedic Insoles: Like Achilles Tendonitis, LMC Footcare offers bespoke orthotic insoles for Metatarsalgia to support and distribute pressure.

Physical Therapy: LMC Footcare’s physiotherapists may build customised workout routines to strengthen foot muscles and reduce metatarsal tension.

To treat Metatarsalgia discomfort and inflammation, LMC Footcare’s doctors may prescribe NSAIDs and corticosteroid injections.

Weight control and Activity Modification: LMC Footcare may recommend weight control to alleviate foot stress and avoid Metatarsalgia.


LMC Footcare, Canada’s Trusted Footcare Provider, offers a variety of Achilles Tendonitis and Metatarsalgia treatments in Ontario. For specific counsel and a complete treatment plan, they must consult with podiatrists and physical therapists. LMC Footcare provides physical therapy, orthotic devices, and novel therapies like shockwave therapy to assist people overcome severe foot ailments.




Achilles Tendonitis Treatment in Ontario

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Metatarsalgia Treatment in Ontario

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