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4 Things You Must Know About Pot Seeds

All mature marijuana plants start with pot seeds. When pollen fertilizes the female plant, the mature plant starts forming. Marijuana seeds are ready to plant and grow once they are germinated, or the root has broken.The use of high-quality seeds is one of the key requirements for growing healthy plants. They can be grown through different processes such as traditional seed production, rodelization, and self-pollination.

They are capable of producing pollen and self-pollinating their flowers. Mature pot seeds usually have a hard outer shell that can vary in color from very dark to very light.

In order to buy wholesale pot seeds, there are several factors to be examined and evaluated. Mentioned below are some factors:

1- Germinate the seed

One of the best ways to examine the potential of the pot seeds is to germinate them. Put the seeds in the soil, and you will get to see the result in a very short span of time. This option is greatly suited to home growers who have enough time and space to evaluate the seeds.

2- Feel and appearance

The appearance and the feel of the pot seeds are the easiest ways to evaluate them. Usually, the pot seeds have dark outer shells. Some obvious signs of a good seed are grey and black shades. Following that, good quality seeds are quite firm and do not break or bend on squeezing.

Bad quality seeds can easily be broken if crumbled or crushed under pressure. With time, seeds get aged and old, and they cannot serve your purpose. Therefore, make sure that you do not waste your time on seeds that are already old.

3- Proper sourcing

Undoubtedly, you can take the help of seed banks to buy wholesale pot seeds. They can provide you with the knowledge of choosing the best quality seeds. Along with that, they have excellent breeding skills. Many seed banks also carry a good reputation in the market.

4- Avoid seeds from a bag

When you find some seeds in your cannabis bag, please do not consider them to be good ones. It might happen that the grower has mistakenly allowed an invading male to pollinate the female plants. Once it is pollinated, the female plants stop producing THC-containing resin. In that case, you will get less weed for your money.

To wind it up

Considering the factors mentioned above, you should be very wise and careful while choosing the pot seeds. You must ensure that the seed you are choosing has been properly checked; otherwise, it will not be worth it. For more assurances, you can also go for a float test. The weaker seeds will remain floating in the water, and the healthier ones will sink to the bottom. Hence, you have ample amount of ways to examine the seeds in your way.

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