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Acupressure To Help Relieve Pain From Headaches And Migraines

Two common types of pain that trouble people are headaches and migraines. It is to be noted that a headache can be mild in the amount of pain it gives someone or it can be throbbing and may last for a few hours. However, a migraine tends to be a much more difficult situation to bear as the pain is terrible and has the potential to even endure for many days.

Headaches are primarily caused by lots of tension, an abundance of stress and other emotional changes that occur. But more complex is the migraine due to the fact that there is an enlargement of the blood vessels within the brain which then release types of chemicals from the nerve fibers. This then results in inflammation and terrible pain.

There are several factors that can contribute to setting off a migraine in a person. Hormonal change indeed is a big deal and this is why two thirds of the women suffer from horrendous migraines during the onset of their period or during the actual time that they are experiencing their period. Migraines are reported to be more prevalent after puberty has started in the female and then the migraines tend to dwindle down after menopause.

Also, eating habits are known to be able to set off some painful migraines. For instance, take into consideration the fact that alcohol, fermented foods and caffeine can trigger intense migraines. Tobacco can also cause migraines. Other causes also include work pressure, tension, sleeping disorders, stress and even changes in the atmospheric pressure. These things can cause migraines that are accompanied by nausea which can commonly be caused by flying.

Though headaches and migraines are normal and common problems that people unfortunately face does not mean that they should just suffer and neglect themselves without trying to seek some type of relief. That is why acupressure is a good option to consider for a chance to see if it will perhaps help you. Many people do tend to find that it helps relieve their pain.

It is necessary to take time to experiment with different pressure points in different areas due to the fact that different pressure points work better for different types of headaches and migraines. Some pressure points may show some good strong solutions rather quickly, while other pressure points may take a lot longer to give you the freedom from pain that you are looking for.

Try the forehead region to get some relief. The pressure point here is situated where the bridge of the nose intersects with the forehead between your two eyebrows. Press there for about one minute and then move to another point.

Another area you may like to try are the points that are located by the inner corner of your eyes precisely below the eyebrows. When you apply pressure on these points, you should experience good results if you are suffering from sinus headaches and symptoms from allergies. This helps to relieve other types of headaches and eye strain as well. You will apply pressure for one minute.

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