Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Listening to a Dog’s Bark for the Naturals – SSM’s Way

Since dogs do not have a speaking voice to tell their demands, it is essential for pet owners to self-observe their health needs. Pets can only communicate with their owners through limited means like animal noises or body language. The rest of their needs are up for your vigilance and extensive concern to understand and unravel.

Luckily, a pet owner does not have to try hard to interpret the right signals animals send. Most pets’ hygienic needs are similar to human’s – body washing, nail grooming, and tooth brushing. The only differences are the components that make up a specific hygienic product and for whom it is made.

Human products are for humans, and dog products are for dogs. Since dogs are more sensitive to toxins, they require organic grooming products that secure their safety and health. For a dog’s dental care, brushing their teeth only with natural toothpaste is a huge must. Simply Silver Mouthwash (SSM) has a natural dog toothpaste created to freshen your dog’s breath and fight dental diseases such as periodontal disease.

Signs of dental disease in your dogs may include:

  • Bad breath
  • Broken or loose teeth
  • Painful and bleeding mouth
  • Drooling

Before availing of any natural dog toothpaste to prevent dog dental diseases, a pet owner must first learn how to perform the proper tooth brushing practices.

  • First, you must set up a quiet atmosphere to provide comfort on your dog’s end.
  • Second, you must test the waters and carefully touch your dog’s teeth and gums without the brush.
  • After a while, the toothbrush can follow.
  • Fourth, you can now introduce the taste and sensation of the toothpaste to your dog by letting them lick it from your fingers.
  • Fifth, add the right amount of toothpaste to their toothbrush and start brushing slowly.
  • Lastly, reward them with dental treats.

To prevent pet oral diseases, allow SSM to provide you with excellent dental care products for them. Visit their shop today and avail yourself of free pet health consultation by contacting (888) 292-2182 or emailing at

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