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Male Rhinoplasty – Process And Precautions

Rhinoplasty is commonly known as Nose Surgery for Men (เสริม จมูก ชาย, which is the term in Thai) or nose job. Rhinoplasty or Nose surgery helps the individual in reshaping their nose and improve facial beauty. Rhinoplasty also helps in dealing with structural defects of the nose, problems related to the nasal septum, breathing issues. Improving the facial symmetry, improving the shape and size of the nose can also be done with the help of rhinoplasty

Things To Be Taken Care Before Of Having Rhinoplasty

  • You should first discuss with your doctor to decide whether you are eligible for rhinoplasty or not. They will explain why you need surgery and what you hope to achieve with the surgery. The discussion mainly includes an examination of your medical history, physical examination, photos of your nose(for surgery of purposes), discussing your goals for surgery.
  • You should avoid pain relievers containing ibuprofen or aspirin for 10-15 days before and after the operation. These drugs slow the blood clotting process and can make you bleed more heavily. It is better if you inform your surgeon about what medications you are taking so that they can suggest to you how to proceed.
  • Healing from Rhinoplasty is more difficult for smokers because cigarettes slow the healing process. Nicotine narrows blood vessels, which means less oxygen and blood enter the healing tissue. Quitting smoking before and after surgery helps the healing process.

Rhinoplasty Surgery – Process

This Nose Surgery for Men (ผู้ชาย เสริม จมูก, term in Thai) usually gets completed in one to two hours. In case of complicated situations, it may take longer. Anesthesia will be given before the surgery to avoid the pain. In most cases, there will be no pain after the surgery but there might be some side effects because of the surgery. These side effects won’t last for long days, it usually takes one to two weeks to recover. It is advised to avoid any heavy physical activities, avoid facial expressions that require.

Risks Of Rhinoplasty

Any surgical procedure carries some risks, including infection, bleeding, or poor response to anesthesia. Rhinoplasty can also some risks like

  • Shortness Of Breath
  • Nosebleeds
  • Nose Numbness
  • Asymmetrical Nose
  • Scars

Even though rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery for Men is a fairly safe and easy procedure, it can take time to heal. The tip of the nose can be sensitive and it can remain numb and swollen for months. Usually, it takes few weeks to fully recover, but some effects may take months to recover. It could take a year to fully assess the result of the surgery.

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