Tuesday, 25 Jun 2024

Practical Choices for the Right CBD Packaging

If you want to buy CBD packaging or packaging material, there are a few important points that you should definitely pay attention to. Here you will find practical tips.

Is Your Plastic Packaging Already Sustainable According To The New EU Directive?

You really cannot ignore it today. Every day you hear or read something about the climate and how we should digest our behavior and way of life in order to protect nature. One of those dire situations is the plastic soup in the oceans that has been created by all kinds of disposable packaging and plastics that seriously endanger maritime life. Although the consumer is actually to blame for the creation of the plastic soup due to a general disposable mentality, it is still the producer of the packaging that is addressed and held responsible. Choosing the Custom E-cigrette boxes is a good option here.

The government recently published new guidelines under the heading of “SUP Directive” that appeal to packaging manufacturers and relate to plastic disposable plastics and packaging. It is also unique that these new regulations do not distinguish between oil-based and bio-based plastics. The regulations apply to all types of one-way plastics such as CBD oil packaging, custom e-cigarette boxes, carrier bags and wrapping film, hygiene products, and CBD containers. The aim of the directive is to encourage companies to invest more in the development of reusable and more sustainable packaging. In short, if you are about to develop a new packaging, then be sure to check out this new guideline and go for a reusable or easy to recycle product.

What is Transport Packaging?

Packaging is a broad word for all the materials used to package products. There are therefore many types of packaging materials to be packed according to the wishes and requirements of both the product and the customer. Think of, for example, cardboard packaging, glass packaging, metal packaging, plastic packaging and so on, where all packaging is often custom-made. This is a very important part of the CBD branding now.

If a packaging is used for the transport of goods, such as cardboard boxes for example, then its purpose is to either bundle or protect these goods, with the latter for example temperature protection, shock protection or the like. This packaging is often provided with a print consisting of a logo of the company, possibly including the nature of protection indicated by symbols or the products that are packaged in it.

Although the transport packaging is only used to bundle or protect the goods, it also has considerable commercial value. The method of packaging indicates how the company handles its goods and how important it is to them that the order is received in good conditions by the recipient, the customer. Packaging that therefore does not meet the recipient’s conditions can sometimes be refused even though the goods have not been damaged. In short, transport packaging is more than packaging.

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