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Your Expected Timeline While Getting Mastopexy in Los Angeles

Since not only does the doctor’s procedure decide the recovery time after getting mastopexy in Los Angeles, you should also be prepared for the recovery process. Since the surgeon knows what is best for you, you must follow the surgeon’s tips before and after getting mastopexy in Los Angeles.

Everything you do, such as what you eat to exercise, deeply impacts the recovery process. You must precisely follow your surgeon’s advice. Today we will be explaining a general timeline after getting mastopexy in Los Angeles and what to expect during the recovery process. 

On the day of the surgery

You can go back to your home on the day of the surgery. But have someone drive you because you will be under the influence of anesthesia and should not operate heavy machinery. Doctors give the patients a surgical support bra, and small drainage tubes will be attached to the incision tubes. It would help if you slept on your back, and you might see a difference. However, that is not final, and it will change during the recovery. 

Three to four days after the surgery

You will experience pain; hence you should get pain medications from the surgeon. You will be nauseated as that is the side effect of anesthesia, which will be over by now. You will be asked to visit the surgeon to get your tubes and bandages removed by the third day. Doctors recommend wearing a compression bra, and special care should be taken while showering. 

One week after the surgery

Swelling and bruising will remain, and your pain will subside by the first week. You can start doing some light activities like walking. Doctors do not recommend doing heavy work, raising your hand above your head, and lifting around the house. If it is of utmost importance, the doctor may clear you to get back to work, but you should not strain your body at work. 

Two weeks after surgery

The pain will be at the bare minimum, and still vigorous exercise, sex, and weight lifting should be avoided at all costs. The doctor will also remove the stitches if they do not self-dissolve by this point. The incision heals by the second week, and the doctor will recommend getting proper baths after consultation. Doctors recommend wearing a special support bra. 

One month after the surgery

By this time, you will be able to continue your work like before. It would help if you restricted yourself from doing heavy weight lifting and other activities that would put a strain on your chest. By this time, the body will start recovering, and you can see the results on your breast by this time. Doctors also ask you to stop wearing the special support bra. 

Six weeks after mastopexy in Los Angeles 

You can resume your full activities like before. The doctor also gives you the green light to sleep on your side and front. The doctors also recommend wearing an underwire bra once again. 

Six months after the mastopexy in Los Angeles 

By this time, your breasts settle into the positions they need to be. The scarring will diminish, and you can completely see the results you had hoped for. Doctors always recommended practicing sun protection even after six months to ensure that the scarring stays minimum. 

Parting words

This was an overview timeline of the recovery process of getting mastopexy in Los Angeles.

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