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Brown Hair Colour: Ideas for the best shades and highlights, and how to get the most out of it

Among Women, brown hair colour is one of the most fashionable shades. The golden undertones in this hue are the product of a deterioration process that started with a black foundation and gradually faded to a light one. In this process, you begin with dark brown, brown or black hair and use bleach to progressively lighten it. Brown hair may come in a wide range of colours. You’ve probably already figured out that brown hair colours are really diverse and adaptable. Everything from light bronde hues to rich chocolate tones may be found here. Highlights, ombré, dark, or balayage are the most popular.

Brown is a perennial favourite for a number of reasons, including its universality, ease of maintenance, and year-round appeal. No matter what shade of brown hair is already, adding a few highlights can bring out the vibrancy you’ve been missing.

Adding highlights or shades to brown hair may be accomplished in a number of different ways. Taking care of your hair at home can ensure that your blonde highlights remain vibrant and healthy for extended periods of time.

Dark Brown hair colour:

Is there anything better than a chocolate brown mane to you? A dark chocolate bar, like the one made by Chloe Wilson, will have a deep brown colour with lighter, shinier ends.

The dark brown hair dyes are particularly penetrating, so if you decide to use one, do so only if you want to keep the colour for an extended period of time since removing it is almost impossible without using colour extractors or causing permanent discoloration in the hair.

It’s not a whole black, but rather a very dark brown or brown tones that dance with the sunshine. These gorgeous tones provide sensuality. Keeping your hair glossy is a great way to show off your hair’s dark brown tones. Using Godrej hair colour shampoo as the amla and shikakai in the shampoo will give your hair a stunning shine and a silky brown colour, both of which I highly suggest.

Dark brown hair, sometimes referred to as “brunette,” is the deepest shade. A sparkly formula should be used if you dye your hair this colour.

Is there anything better than a chocolate brown mane to you? A dark chocolate hair colour will have a deep brown colour with lighter, shinier ends.

#ProTip: One of our favourites that shows light reflections in each strand, giving the hair a multi-tonal sheen.

Ash Brown Hair Colour

The ash brown colour for hair makes it ideal for highlighting grey hair and undesired highlights of yellow or orange hair. Ash brown is a calm, almost silvery brown for brunettes who like ash blonde.They provide a lot of warmth and look good on people of all skin tones because of their highlighting abilities and their ability to blend in with any complexion.

Good hairstylists  choose a darker brown at the roots to avoid the colour from seeming flat for this style, focusing on smokey and ash tones in the mid-lengths and ends.

Golden Brown Hair Colour

Why do I love this particular shade of brown so much? If the colour is dark enough to show off a golden tinge (brown is dark enough), why won’t it become orange in the sunlight?

Copper Brown Hair Colour

If your pigmentation is reddish and whatever colour you put on tends to become orange, then the coppery brown shade of hair is a great choice for you. The coppery brown tones soften the skin tone and create exquisite reflections to the eyes, making them seem brighter.

Mahogany Brown Hair Colour

As a result, auburn hair is a glossy, high-pigmentation, high-intensity colour that works best in the autumn. Use a good conditioner colour recharge conditioner on a weekly basis to get the most out of this shade’s mahogany-brown undertones by adding pigments from this treatment.

Golden Brown Hair Colour

You’ve probably heard of golden blonde, but have you ever heard of golden brown? Golden tones will keep chestnut locks gleaming all month long if shine is what you’re looking. As part of your weekly regimen, apply one dosage of excellent hair colour refreshing conditioner. The gold tones will retain their brilliance if you add a modest bit of pigment to the mix.

Pure Brown Hair Colour

In order to preserve a beautiful shade of brown hair, it’s important to follow a proper post-color care regimen, especially if you’re using shimmer colouring. An excellent hair colour shampoo and a brown hair colour Recharge Conditioner may help you maintain your hair colour or suggest it to someone who has had their hair dyed.

Honey Brown Hair Colour

Honey-hued brown hair is a sight to see. Begin your hair care regimen with an excellent lotion that smooths the hair cuticle for a shiny, reflective surface.


Light Brown Hair Colour

Light brown is ideal for blondes who want to transition to brown or brunettes who want a lighter shade.

Brown hair colour

The most chocolate-like shade of brown hair is medium brown, which falls somewhere in the middle between light and dark brown. When we hear “brown hair,” this is what comes to mind. Combine the colour-creation or experimentation with the balayage method to ensure that the tone is constantly dynamic and new. Flat, boring hair is a turn-off for everyone.

Bronde Hair Colour

At the bronde, the brunette and the blonde shake hands. When the sun comes out, brunettes desire the sunkissed beauty that this colour provides. Bronde highlights may be used to provide a beachy look by lighting up parts of hair in random places. With freehand bleaching, you may get the most precise hue possible.

Brown Hair Colour Highlights



Pink-Brown Shade

For brunettes, think of pink brown as rose gold. As far as hair colours go, this Turkish delight-inspired hue is a dream come true. With interchangeable hues such as High Magenta and Nu-Dist Pink, any skilled hairdresser can achieve a subtle trace of pink. The options are absolutely limitless.

The Balayage Highlights

This is one of our favourite instances of the freehand lightening method, balayage, among various hair colours. Brown hair colour is given fresh life with chocolate highlights and loose waves that let each strand radiate its own radiance and brilliance.

Brown Hair Colour with Purple Highlights

This hair colour is multifaceted due to the fact that it incorporates several hues of light brown as well as bursts of purple blue. For ladies with medium skin tones, this is the best hue to use.

Spicy Brown with Copper Highlights


Added to this light brown hair colour is a touch of warm copper, which adds an element of individuality to the overall look.

However, take note of the fact that the red and orange tones fade first, so use a colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner for colour to prevent the dye from fading as much as possible.


Godrej hair colour shampoo is one of the shampoos that gives hair colour in three different shades. This instant hair colour shampoo contains the goodness of amla and shikakai that nourishes your hairs with the required nutrients to make it bouncy and lustrous. It is the best for people who are always on the move because it takes only five minutes for you to apply and wash off and get the desired style.



If you want to alter your hair colour to light brown but you have hair that is already a strong tone, such as black or dark brown hair colour, it is recommended to consult with a reputable hairdresser. A professional will be able to make the necessary changes in a more professional manner. Take into consideration that it is probable that you will need numerous applications to get the desired tone; if this is the case, be patient and believe that the wait will be worthwhile.

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