Monday, 20 May 2024

How Lip Surgery Can Help You Achieve Thicker Lips?

While some people are blessed with naturally thicker lips that appear well-contoured, others aren’t. But not being born with luscious lips doesn’t mean you can never experience it in your lifetime. But thick mouth, how do you do it well? (ปาก หนา ทํา ไง ดี, which is the term in Thai) With various lip surgery or lip augmentation procedures, you can achieve bigger, fuller and plumper lips effectively.

Based on your expectations, there are various choices from which you can choose. Here are some of the most popular and on-demand lip surgeries available today.

Injectable Fillers

This is one such standard solution for lip augmentation. Injectables refer to the soft tissue fillers which make your lips appear more contoured and voluminous than before, but temporarily. Fillers feel and look natural. Neither do they include any long-term commitment, nor do they have any downtime. Such perks make them an ideal choice for all types of special events. Apart from adding volume, the fillers can shape the lips precisely for a youthful and striking look.

Fat Transfer

This procedure involves gathering the patient’s fat for lip augmentation. Taking fat from a different body area like the thighs, stomach or hips, the procedure purifies it before injecting the same into the lips. Fat transfer is amongst the rarely used solution when you ask ‘thick mouth, how do you do it well?’. This is because it needs a separate procedure for fat harvesting, but it offers a natural augmentation.


Lip implants are permanent solutions for those who want bigger and fuller lips, but they are a less commonly used procedure. Implants are available to patients who want long-term results from their lip augmentation therapy. Most patients who want to pick implants have experimented with temporary fillers but are jaded with going under the knife every alternate month.

Every lip augmentation candidate must have realistic expectation, irrespective of whichever method they choose. Remember the surgical procedures entails stringent candidacy needs to ensure optimal; patient safety.

Lip augmentation procedures are highly-customizable, so you have to discuss your expectations with an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Only skilled surgeons can suggest various methods of lip surgery and can help you select the right solution for the bigger mouth, how to do it well? During your consultation with the surgeon, you will get a brief through the entire procedure.

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