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Impact of sinus issues on life 

Sinuses are the cavities present in the face, located behind the eyes, cheekbones, and the forehead. They serve the purpose of mucus secretion, which is vital for keeping the nasal cavity moist.

However, when there is inflammation in the tissue of the sinus, a condition known as sinusitis ensues. This then prevents the sinuses from getting drained properly, choking them instead. The pressure that subsequently builds causes pain in your head, your face feels strained, and your nose becomes clogged.

There are two types of sinusitis. Acute sinusitis results from cold, and as the name suggests, it goes away in a short time. However, chronic sinusitis is when the symptoms do not go away even after 12 weeks.

In such cases, you should enlist the help of the Best ENT specialist in Lahore. It may be viral or bacterial infection, or even allergic reaction, and the doctor then needs to treat it accordingly.

Triggers of sinus infections

Other than bacterial and viral infections, there are other causes of sinus infections that complicate the condition of the patient.

Allergies are amongst the most common culprits. Pollen, dust, certain chemicals, mold are amongst the common irritants that cause the nasal pathways to become irritated and thus, inflamed.

Deviated septum is also a risk factor for sinusitis. Likewise, diseases like asthma, HIV, cystic fibrosis and GERD can also increase the propensity towards getting inflamed sinuses.

Regardless of the cause, the impact of sinusitis on life is rather grave.

Impact of sinus on life

Notwithstanding the obvious impact in terms of pain and discomfort brought on by sinusitis, there are other, more far-reaching consequences of this condition on the life of the person.

On work life

Sinusitis does not only lead to clogged nose, which makes breathing a challenge as well, it can also cause a perpetually runny nose in some instances as well. Since the mucus does not get properly drained on account of the inflammation, it drips out instead.

Moreover, sinusitis also can lead to bad breath, alongside coughing. Since people are also plagued by postnasal drip, they have to constantly keep clearing their throat.

It can therefore be very inconvenient for people to work, especially in a formal or corporate setting. Sharing workspace can also become hard and embarrassing, where you are at constant pressure not to clear your nose and throat too loudly, lest it be something that grosses out your colleague. Similarly, people might also become self-conscious about their breath as well.

Furthermore, sinusitis also impairs productivity overall as well. Since the body is battling with the disease, it is already suffering from low energy levels, which then lowers output. This lack of productivity, known as presenteeism, can also be aggravated by improper sleep and an irritable mood.

Sinusitis also leads to absenteeism, where one simply cannot show up at work. According to one estimate, people with chronic sinusitis miss 6 working days, annually.

On sex life

While it may not be apparent, but sinusitis does indeed affect your sex life. It has impact on the sex drive and desire, lowering it significantly. But it’s not just the desire that’s in the way, but practicalities also prevent things from getting in the mood.

Having a runny or stuffy nose, a throat that needs to be cleared constantly, facial pressure that will not subside, leads to difficulty being intimate with your partner. The fear of bad breath may also make the person feel unattractive, putting them off sex.

Moreover, since olfactory senses are on hiatus during sinusitis, one cannot smell, period. Not just an intoxicating smell can put you in the mood for sex, but even familiar scents like your partner’s sweat can also turn you on. But with sinusitis, scents are off limits, which may put a damper on things.

On mood

It’s hard to feel happy and chirpy when your body is under extreme and perpetual discomfort. The pain aside, fatigue and sleep deprivation also pave way for irritable disposition as well.

And when you are not in the right mood, nothing feels right. It may also then make you impatient with other people as well.

On sleep

It’s hard to sleep when you have severe pain in your face, your head is exploding, and you cannot breathe. If you also have postnasal drip, not only are you going to have serious snoring problem, but your alternative breathing route is also affected. This makes sleep a challenge then.

Lack of sleep greatly and rather quickly affects the quality of life. From poor appearance to grogginess to increased daytime sleepiness, even short-term sleep deprivation is going to haunt you.

In the long term, lack of proper sleep poses health problems like depression, obesity, heart disease and similar chronic ailments.

Therefore, it is imperative that you get treatment for your chronic sinusitis. Some can be managed with medical interventions, whereas the others require surgery. You should hence visit the Best ENT specialist in Islamabad for treatment for the condition.

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